It's All About the Eyebrow!

Eyebrow arching is not only for the fashion model and the stylish elite, having the right eyebrow look can make you look younger, more beautiful, and shape your entire face.

Shaping some of Houston's most beautiful women, from beauty queens to professional models, eyebrow arching is a technique that takes experience and talent. Trust yours in the hands of Houston's number one specialist.

The right brow can:

  • Make you look younger and more stylish
  • When you have great eyebrows you don't need a lot of eye make-up
  • The right look can make your face look thinner and more attractive
  • Restore pigmentation after chemotherapy

The right look is a lot more than just a simple plucking! The same look does not work for every face. Shainy specializes in eyebrow arching techniques tailored to each clients face, eye contour and overall look. The results are perfect brows. Experience a new look and redesign your brows today!

"Shainy is Houston's Eyebrow Queen" said one of Houston's top fashion icons, Deborah Duncan.

"A visit to Shainy is a must for amazing facials and best brow shape in town." -Miss Texas Pageant Winner

Eyebrow Arching- $35
Eyelash Tinting- $40
Eyebrow Tinting- $10

European Facials - $85 and up

Skin care is an important regiment. Your skin beats the heat, stress, oil, and dust of Houston streets and weather everyday. Preserving your skins radiance and well-being are important factors when considering skin care.

Just Brows provides counsel on the very best skin products, research on the most active and effective treatments and product available, and can prescribe a complete home regiment for your individualized skin care needs.

Mini Facials- $50

European Deep Cleansing Facial - $80 - Enjoy a relaxing cleansing treatment that includes a personal skin analysis, deep cleaning facial massage with steam treatment, toning masque and moisturizing.

European Clinical Acne Treatment - $85 - A one of the kind clinical acne fighting treatment with visible results using powerful ingredients to stop bacteria and help unclog pores keeping them clean to promote healing and help prevent infection and redness.

Regenerating Facial - $85 - Perfect for taking action against environmental pollution and today's stressful lifestyle. Revitalizing and restoring skin treatment includes facial massage, steam treatment, therapeutic thermo-masque, regenerating serums, moisturizers and more.

Other Spa Services

Electrolysis hair removal has the best track record and is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. Because it doesn't target hair pigment (color) like laser, but attacks the follicle itself many different and skin types can benefit from this. People that aren't good candidates for laser are many times better suited for electrolysis.

Electrolysis - $2 per hair

Our Product Lines

Just Brows offers the latest products from European and specialty German line that favor natural and organic ingredients to top notch skin rejuvenating techniques and the most current techniques and products. Call us for more information on these products.

Dr. R.A. Eckstein - A proven line of highest quality skin care products.

Biodroga - The Biologica Beauty Care Systems.

Just Brows - make-up from New York.

Shainy's Proprietary Eyebrow Kit

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